AvaPA Staff Agency - General Bank Edition

  • Reduce your running costs
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Manage your holiday pay calculations

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The General Bank Edition of AvaPA is pre-configured to work for inhouse employee Banks in various locations.

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Features in Alphabetical Order

Record Cards

Contain all the information about an employee, the site location or department for booking.

Searching and Filtering

Employees, Clients, Departments, Event Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.

Working Time Directive

AvaPA provides full compliance checking with the current EU and UK Working Time Directive Laws

Holiday Pay Calculations

AvaPA provides complete holiday pay calculations, monitoring and administration with zero administrative overhead.


An all-inclusive wide range of reports to fill all needs. These are designed and updated on a monthly basis as part of the AvaPA service support contract.

Employee Availability Diary

Displays and updates employee availability and shows additional useful information.


Contracts are supported as well as single shift and multiple shift requests.

Event Journal

An Outlook style Journal is incorporated for both automatic and manual events.

Import and Export

Seamless integration of Invoice and Payroll data with other software and systems.

Time Sheets

Across the board time sheet functionality is provided together with anti fraud features ensuring the highest level of confidence between agency and customer.

Contact Management

A wide range of contact functions for Employee and Customer management are supported.

Customer Requirement Process

An easy and efficient path between the initial customer request and final invoice and payroll production.


Security seems very much a black art. AvaPA makes security straight forward.

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