Searching and Filtering

Employees, Customers, Departments, Client Employees, Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.


Searching can be carried out for staff, departments, customers or locations. There are several ways of searching the system; one is through exact character entry, where the search matches anything from a single character. Any individual field can be searched and matches are returned in under a second. The system allows the ability to search both active and inactive records through altering search preferences, by simply ticking a box.

Another way of searching the system is through extended matches, where the system autocompletes words to find exsisting entries. A even more ingenius way is through phonetic match, where the system searches both hard and soft pronunciation matches, so a word can be found even if it is not spelt as it sounds; this enables a greater chance of finding the correct entry.  

Search for a Name

You can immediately switch between locations and departments with the touch of a single button, which is great if a client is linked to more than one location.

New entries are checked against already existing ones to prevent unnecessary data duplication. Users can also carry out shift searches against a unique booking reference, customer reference or invoice number, providing a wide array of search options.


Filtering is another way to ensure you are meeting a customer's exact requirements. As an example a client may call up asking for 20 secretarial staff and through filtering by skill sets and selecting the required skill as secretarial, these staff can be quickly found, reducing the client's waiting time significantly.


Where shift preferences are concerned, filtering can be used to look at the dates and times an employee has requested to work, as well as their preferred location of work. Information is automatically remembered so it is very straightforward if a customer requests the same staff as they have previously used.

When a specific booking is selected, the employee's page will be opened in a new page, enabling both windows to be viewed at the same time. The software enables sorting of lists, either alphabetically or in order of preference and so forth. Grouping can also be used to group employees into different categories such as the location they are willing to work in.

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