Record Cards

Contain all the information about an employee, the site location or department for booking.

Employee Information

Almost any information you require can be added to the record cards, resulting in extreme flexibility. The record cards can hold a variety of different addresses, such as:

  • Home Address and Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address(s)
  • Next of Kin Address
  • Reference Address(s)
  • Additional or alternate Contact Address(s)


The information required on each record card can be updated by a manager to meet your company's individual needs. As an example you might want to add the adminstration skills an employee has and this is very straightforward. A number of employment critereon can be added, such as:  

  • Banking and Payroll Information
  • Appropriate Skills/Qualifications


  • Preferred Place of Work
  • Experience
  • Shift Preferences
  • CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)
  • Information


  • Travel Information
  • References

This employment critereon can be given start or end dates, for example if a training course needs to be redone every year, the start and end dates for the most recent course carried out can be added.

The recruitment software can automatically generate attendance records, enabling your company to flag up incomplete attendance. There is also the option to group employees into various categories, such as admin staff and clerical staff.

The software further allows the user to search through both active and inactive employees and the ability to search through employees from a third party agency, useful if you don't have enough staff to meet a customer's needs.

Customer Information

The recruitment software comprises the ability to add multiple addresses for a customer, which is useful if a customer has offices based all over the country. Examples of addresses that can be added include:

  • Main address, Phone number, Fax and Email
  • Additional Company Address(s)
  • Mobile Number and Additional Mobile Number


The software also automatically generates a company overview, which can be desgined by you to meet your company's needs. Various items the report can include are as follows:

  • Invoicing Structure and Calculations
  • Pay Scale Structure and Calculations
  • Skill Sets
  • Work Location Preferences
  • Shift Preferences
  • Attendance Records (automatically generated)

You also have the option to create groups, in order to group employees into various categories, such as the location they are willing to work at or the skills they possess.

Searching can be carried out against a number of different fields including department reference, or customer name. Filtering can also be used where necessary. More information on searching and filtering can be found here.  


Contact Information

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