Employee Availability Diary

Displays and updates employee availability and shows additional useful information.

The software uses an in-house employee availability diary to show when an employee is available or unavailable. The diary can be accessed from anywhere within the software and is automatically displayed when an operator is making a phone call to the employee. 

Availability Diary

The diary makes use of simplistic colours, such as red and green, meaning booked and available. Employee availability can be easily updated by ticking a box to say whether or not an employee is available on a particular day. If a booking is made and confirmed an employee will be sent a text message or email to confirm them for the shift. 

When an operator is booking an employee in for a shift, they will benefit from having the following information to hand:

  • The employee's availability for yesterday, today and tomorrow to avoid calls during sleep periods or sensitive times.
  • Employee notes available for updating.
  • Any outstanding or soon to be required certification or renewal information.
  • Any outstanding shifts that the employee may be interested in. 
  • Alternate contact numbers.
  • Current accrued leave (hours and value). 

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