Import and Export

Seamless integration of Invoice and Payroll data with other software and systems.
  • The software can be linked to various other programmes, for example, Sage accounting software, allowing for simplistic importing and exporting of data. For example, payroll details can be linked and exported to a third party payroll company, or staff information can be imported from Personnel or HR systems, and matched to existing staff records. This prevents the duplication of data and ensures sychronisation, keeping costs to a minimum.
  • The software can further produce detailed pay reports in order to supplement payroll slips. This improves the relationship between the agency and its employees, as well as minimising unnecessary payroll queries. The software allows processing of payments for a particular month, even after the month is up. For example, payments for December could also include the first week of January.
  • The software can export the data in a variety of different formats, allowing for maximum flexibility, and the production of detailed reports.
  • One further feature of the software is it automatically adds an image of a signed time sheet to the appropriate invoice, saving time and paper and allowing staff to access their payment information online, at any given time.

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