Customer Requirement Process

An easy and efficient path between the initial customer request and final invoice and payroll production.

There are various ways in which a client can request staff. The most commonly used way tends to be through telephone, as it is personal.

Telephone Requests

If a client makes a request via telephone, there are two methods in which the data can be inputted, these are simple and power.


The simple mode is straightforward. Inputting the data is very easy. The process is at least as speedy as any other way of recording this information and often much more quick. This allows the operational team to rapidly and accurately deal with each customer's individual needs. As the process is carried out the user will be provided with more specific options based on the date entered so far. If a customer is requesting an HGV2, then all employees with a HGV licence, associated medical and optionally any specific customer related training are automatically listed.

When the user selects a shift, recently used options will appear, meaning that if a customer wants to use the same driver they had before, then this information is easy to access.

There is the option to select single or multiple dates and single or multiple shifts. One (or more) employees as required. Customer reference, as well the caller name (with a recent names list for that customer), can be added for referal later on. If the customer has been previously configured, then all their details will be automatically added. Key information is also automatically generated and added to the system including department codes and pay rates.

At this point in the process the selection is saved, a unique reference is generated, the request is time stamped and the operator adding the request is entered into the system automatically.  


The shift can then be added to the staff member's availability diary, and their availability is then updated.


The power mode is in many ways similar to the simple mode, however there is the option to link more information to the request. There are well over 60 categories of information that can be linked to any request allowing for further flexibility and a well fitted match for every customer. This method allows an agency to be totally on target in fulfilling each customer's needs.


The software allows the use of contracts, enabling the expansion of single day or shift bookings to allowing the meeting of repeated requirements. These contracts are automatically generated for a chosen period in advance, however the end date can be changed at any time, or the contract can run indefinitely. Notes can also be added to the contract through the use of the power method if need be. Further information on contracts can be found here


If a member of staff is self-booking the input will most commonly take place through a completed time sheet. This allows new shifts to be easily added through the time sheet window.

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