Contracts are supported as well as single shift and multiple shift requests.
  • The software allows contracts to be very easily set up, and these can be either long term or short term, and enable a client to hire staff for multiple shifts over a period of time.
  • There is the option for staff to have multiple contracts in place, meaning that if they wish to hire more than one member of staff at a time, this is entirely possible. As an example a client may want to hire a bus driver for an individual job and a coach driver for a month or two, and the contracts will be very easy to set up.
  • Where a client requires specific staffing requirements for a job these can be easily met, for example if a driver with a HGV1 licence is required, the system can search for all the employees who have this licence.
  • There is also the option to link additional information to the contract, from a selection of over 60 categories, and thus giving the contracts extreme flexibility.
  • These combined features allow agencies the ability to meet every client's individual needs.


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