Working Time Directive

AvaPA recruitment software for temporary staff provides full compliance checking with the current EU and UK Working Time Directive Laws.

Ava's recruitment software for temporary staff allows for regular updates to ensure that the current working time laws are being adhered to. Elements that the recruitment software particularly focuses on are:

  • Non-working day(s) per week.
  • Minimum break requirements.
  • Maximum hours per week.
  • Average maximum hours per week over long periods (17 weeks).
  • Non-consolidated leave calculations.
  • Holiday allocation and assignment.

As a simple way of showing the user how much of their working time allowance an employee has remaining, simple graphics are used, such as a bar graph, as shown below. Temporary staff are able to work more than the legal amount of hours at their own discretion.

Working Time Directive 

Reports can also be viewed on an individual basis for acquired leave, hours and cost totals. There is a specific page that goes into further detail about reports and can be found here.

Legal Overview

As of April 2008 Health and Safety legislation provides unlimited fines and jail sentences for corporate negligence. Whilst Britain has an opt out from aspects of work time directive legislation, court ruling suggest the following:
Any Agency Employer whose staff exceed WTD limits and are subsequently involved, even accidentally, in a harmful situation may be liable under corporate health and safety laws. The liability extends to anyone involved in the Management chain from Owners and Directors down. Proof of checking that WTD limits were adhered to would be of considerable assistance in any defence. Inability to substantiate that WTD requirements were properly monitored could be seized upon by the prosecution.

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