Searching and Filtering

Employees, Customers, Departments, Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.


It's really easy to search the system for any information required, such an employee, department or location and there are several ways the search can be carried out. Matches are returned within a second and searches can be made against several different fields, such as First Name, Surname or Preferred Location. The search will automatically search live or active employees, however you have the option to search inactive records as well, if you so wish.

The search can be carried out through exact match, extended match (auto completion of words) and phonetic match, where both hard and soft pronunciation matches are searched, so if the word doesn't sound as it is spelt, the information can still be found.

Search for a Name

It is easy to switch between searching locations and departments through the touch of a single button.

If you are searching for a particular customer, the search can be carried out through using a unique booking reference or a customer reference or any other information.


Filtering can be carried out by skill set, or preferred location amongst other various options. An example of where filtering could be used is to filter a group of teachers by the subjects they are able to teach; so if a client is requesting secondary school drama teachers, this group can be discovered through filtering.


Filtering can also be used to determine what shifts employees can work within a specific day, week or even month. Another feature of the software is that the user or client that made a particular booking can be used on a daily basis for filtering. This ensures a quick check that any bookings made or cancelled that day have been notified before the end of the work period.

When a specific booking is selected, the employee or department will automatically open in a new window, allowing for easy navigation between the two windows. Furthermore the software combines the ability to sort lists into various orders from alphabetical to date added.


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