Holiday Pay Calculations

AvaPA provides complete holiday pay calculations, monitoring and administration with zero administrative overhead.

Since legislation was introduced banning consolidated pay, monitoring and allocation of paid leave can produce a significant administrative overhead.
Uniquely AvaPA allows the change from consolidated leave to non-consolidated leave with zero administrative overhead.
AvaPA reduces the administration on non-consolidated leave to simply clicking on one check box to allocate a payment for accrued paid leave. This is exactly the same as in the consolidated leave scenario where an employee is unavailable.

Holiday Pay Calculations
When a shift is confirmed as worked and sent to Payroll, AvaPA automatically calculates the accrued leave hours and accrued pay amount under the contract for the appropriate client. Reports and in-line information allow the employee and management to have instant information on the accrued leave, as well as 'when' and 'where' it was accrued from.

Allocating the (previously calculated) paid leave consists of simply checking the half or full day paid leave box in the availability calendar for the Nurse. The amount is then itemised and added to the next payroll run.

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