Contact Management

A wide range of contact functions for Employee and Customer management are supported.

The software supports the following contact types:

  • Phone
  • Letter (mail shots)
  • Email
  • (SMS) text out going and response

Contact Popup

Automatic Histories

The software has the ability to automatically record and store previously entered information, thus saving time in having to re-enter information. Examples of information include:

  • Individual contacts for each shift request against each employee

Contact History Popup

  • Last update of general availability to work
  • Last general contact
  • Notes automatically date stamped with the employees name
  • Forward expiry of training or any certification
  • Likes and dislikes of employees for locations and vice versa, date and reason
  • Willingness to work at a site location (and reason for unwillingness)

Alarm Tasks

The software can store alarm tasks for:

  • Individual employees
  • Multiple employees 
  • All employees

This ensures tasks are not forgotten and eradicates forgetting to do things.

Contact Information

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