Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) Calculation

In line, automatic checking and summary reports for the total accrued AWR weeks for every hirer, employee & job.

On 1st October 2011, the Agency worker regulations came into effect, spanning over 50 pages. If all clauses of the act are taken into consideration the fully correct calculation may extend over 3 years of employment. In the simplest circumstances an Agency worker who works any day in a week for 12 consecutive weeks will acquire the same rights and pay as a full time worker. The clauses of the act mean that an Agency worker can be absent for up to 6 weeks between every and any pair of weeks without interrupting the 12 week accumulation period; therefore 12 weeks can be built up in over a year. There are also further periods where the accumulation process can be paused or keep running, without the worker physcially being present.   

These are all accounted for by the internal AWR calculator and displayed during the booking process in a user friendly way, such as a bar graph, as seen below.

Agency worker regulations calculation in line

AWR features include:

  • Derogation
  • Automatic handing of reemployed substantive workers
  • 3rd party Agency workers
  • Notification of impending parity.
  • Reports for clients
  • Corrrect legal entity allocation
  • Fully flexible job description handling

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