Searching and Filtering

Employees, Clients, Departments, Event Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.


Multiple searches can be carried out for staff, clients or departments or locations. The system can be searched in many different ways, one is exact entry, where the system searches for exact matches, for instance if you wanted to search by a specific name. The search can take place from a single character entry, and any field can be searched. At first only active staff are searched, but this can be quickly changed, by ticking a box to enable the search to include inactive and do not use records. Another search method the system uses is extended matches, where words are autocompleted to match words on the system. One other method is through phonetic match, which allows for both hard and soft pronunication matches, so if a word is not spelt as it sounds, the system will still be able to find the information. Matches are returned quickly and efficiently in less than a second.

 Search for a Name

It is very easy to switch between departments and locations, and this can be done through the touch of a button. Not only this, but if a user is entering a new entry, it will be checked against existing entries to prevent data duplication.

It is also possible for the user to carry out shift searches against a unique booking reference, a customer reference or invoice number.


Filtering allows any information regarding employees or clients or bookings to be quickly found and organised. For example a client may require 5 English to French interpreters, and through filtering, these requirements can be very quickly met.


In terms of filtering shifts, filtering can be done by looking at the dates each employee has said they can work, their preferred location and their current skill level. Another useful feature is that previous filters are automatically remembered meaning that if a client asks for the same staff again, all the information is saved and staff do not need to be filtered again.

When a specific booking has been selected, the employee's profile will open in a new window, allowing both windows to be used alongside each other. The software also allows for sorting, and basic grouping, for example grouping employees into a location they wish to work in.

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