Contracts are supported as well as single shift and multiple shift requests.

The software allows for a wide variety of contracts to be set up depending on the customer needs. These contracts can either be long term or short term, and multiple contracts can be set up at the same time. Thus if a client wants to hire two contracted staff with individual contracts, this is in no way a problem. One short term contract could be set up for a linguist to translate French to English in a French speaking company, and another contract could be set up to hire a German linguist to teach German to various members of the same company.

When trying to select the right staff member for a job, skills and special requirements can be met, such as language spoken. For example, if a client would like 10 Japanese speaking linguists, then there will be a small selection of staff to choose from that meet that skill requirement.

There is an option for various extra information (from over 60 additional categories) to be linked to the contract, enabling extreme flexibility. These combined features allow agencies easy use and the ability to continually meet every client's needs. 

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