Contact Management

A wide range of contact functions for Employee and Customer management are supported.

The software easily supports and handles the following contact types:

  • Phone
  • Letter (mail shots)
  • Email
  • Text out going and response (SMS)

Contact Popup 


Automatic Histories

The software has the ability to automatically record and store a wide variety of information, saving data-inputting time. Examples include:

  • Individual contacts for each shift request against each employee

Contact History Popup

  • Last update of general availability to work
  • Last general contact
  • Notes automatically date stamped with the employees name
  • Forward expiry of training or any certification
  • Likes and dislikes of employees for locations and vice versa, date and reason
  • Willingness to work at a site location (and reason for unwillingness)  


Alarm Tasks

The software very conveniently can store alarm tasks for various groups of employees or individual employees. These alarm tasks can be in various formats, such as a phone call or an email. The use of alarm tasks allow the agency to ensure their staff are always on time and things are less likely to be forgotten.





Contact Information

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