Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) Calculation

In line, automatic checking and summary reports for the total accrued AWR weeks for every hirer, employee & job.

On the 1st October 2011 the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR), spanning more than 50 pages came into force. The correct agency worker calculation - when all areas of the act are taken into consideration - can span over a period of 3 years. However in the simplest of cases, an agency worker that works at least once a week for a period of 12 weeks will gain the same rights as a full time member of staff. The regulations allow that between every or any pair of weeks, an agency worker can have a break of up to 6 weeks, and this won't interrupt the accumulation of the 12 week period. This therefore means that the 12 weeks can be built up over the space of a year or even longer. There are several other scenarios that cause the build-up of the 12 weeks to stop, without the worker being physically there.   

The accumulation of the 12 weeks for each employee is automatically accounted for by the built-in AWR calculator and this information can be viewed in a basic visual format (see example below).

 Agency worker regulations calculation in line 

AWR features include:

  • Derogation
  • Automatic handing of reemployed substantive workers
  • 3rd party Agency workers
  • Notification of impending parity
  • Reports for clients
  • Correct legal entity allocation
  • Fully flexible job description handling


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