Time Sheets

Across the board time sheet functionality is provided together with anti fraud features ensuring the highest level of confidence between agency and customer.

Booking process overview

The software is able to process time sheets to match the specific jobs being worked. The selected time can be edited in terms of start and finish time. This time along with an automatically generated unique booking reference are taken through to the time sheet verification. If the times worked match the requested times, then you can tick the shift enabling the pay to be calculated and included in the next invoice or payroll.

Printing time sheets

Time sheets can be easily printed from the software either in large quantity or individually.

If you make use of the optional web module, time sheet information can then be viewed by employees and managers and printed on an individual basis. Secure web pages allow line managers to edit attendance times and verify time sheets, if they need updating.

Processing the appropriate time sheet

Processing both a single time sheet and multiple shifts on a single time sheet can be done very quickly and simplistically either through the use of a short cut key or searching with either a shift reference or a name. The shortcut for searching for a shift reference is <ctrl + K> and the shortcut for searching for a name is <ctrl + N>. The shifts that are displayed when searching by name can be filtered across any date range and by site location (and department if required).

Time Sheet

If just one shift is selected and then further shifts for the same employee are to be processed, the employee name will be automatically displayed and the new date range selected without leaving the timesheet window with the minimum user input.

Either shifts can be ticked individually, or a block of shifts can be ticked, or all outstanding shifts can be ticked with one action. This is a very simplistic process and saves wasting time.

Alternatively once the employee has been selected there are preset filters for the shifts which are worked, not on hold and not checked, or those shifts which are simply on hold.

A shift may be placed on hold because of a dispute or because some relevant information is incomplete.

There is also the option to enter new shifts in the timesheet window where self-booking is concerned.

Automatic totals are displayed for ticked shifts and total shifts selected.

The software can also automatically attach an image of a signed time sheet to the appropriate invoice. This saves a lot of time and wasted effort.

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