Searching and Filtering

Employees, Customers, Departments, Requests and Bookings can be searched and filtered in comprehensive and wide ranging ways.


Searching the system is very straightforward and matches are returned in under a second. Results can be produced from as little as one character. These searches can be provided for employees, customers and departments. Searches can be done against several different fields such as First Name, Surname or Payroll Number. The search will automatically only return live or active employees; however this can be expanded in one click if you wish to search the whole database including the do not use category.

When searching, the system looks for exact matches, extended matches (by autocompleting words) and both hard and soft pronunciation matches, allowing matches even if there is a spelling mistake, saving time and unnecessary stress.

Search for a Name

The touch of a single button allows automatic switching between locations and departments. The software also checks new entries against existing ones helping the user refrain from double entry.

In terms of customer searching, the system carries out various searches against a unique booking reference and the customer reference, amongst others.


Filtering allows employees to be filtered in terms of the skills they can offer, where they are based and so forth. Locations can also be filtered in a similar way, for example they could be several people who want to work at a specific location and this can be shown through filtering.


In terms of shifts, filtering can be used to look at available work dates for the various day, week or even month. Another useful feature is that the user or client that made a booking can be used on a daily basis for filtering. This appropriates a quick check to ensure that any bookings made or cancelled that day have been notified before the end of the work period.

Also when a specific booking is selected, the employee or department will automatically open in a new window. The software also incorporates standard sorting where lists are automatically put into order when the column header is clicked, as is standard in most software.


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