Record Cards

These contain all the information about an employee, site location, department or customer.

Employee Information

Almost any type of information you require can be stored on the record cards, in both an efficient and secure manner. There is built in flexibility when it comes to configuring the record cards and there are very few limitations. The record cards also allow for a wide variety of addresses to be stored. Examples of addresses include:

  • Home Address and Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address(s)
  • Next of Kin Address
  • Reference Address(s)
  • Additional or alternate Contact Address(s)


The information required can be easily edited by a supervisor to suit the needs of your company.

The software also considers employer requirements, such as training and visa information, ticking all the boxes. Other information includes:

  • Banking and Payroll Information
  • Appropriate Skills


  • Employment Qualifications
  • Preferred Work Location
  • Experience
  • Shift Preferences
  • CRB (Criminal Records Bureaux)
  • Information


  • Travel Information
  • References

All of this criteria can be given start or end dates, for instance if an employee has a first aid qualification, the date when it runs out could be added, or if a reference needs to be received by a certain date, this could also be updated on the system.

The software is also able to generate automatic attendance records as well as group employees into various categories, such as new worker, currently working or do not use.

Special features of the software include the ability to search both active and inactive records on the system and the ability to follow employees currently employed by an alternative agency.

Customer Information

The software even allows multiple client address entries for a single company, this is particularly beneficial if it is a large company with a lot of clients across the country. Examples of information that can be stored include:

  • Main Address, Phone Number, Fax and Email
  • Additional Company Address
  • Mobile Number and Additional Mobile Number


The software also comprises a company overview, which can contain pretty much anything you like; examples include:

  • Invoicing structure and calculations
  • Pay scale structure and calculations
  • Employment standards
  • Working time/shift preferences
  • Start and End dates
  • Contingency Information
  • Notes
  • Documents and Mail Merge Templates
  • Alarm or Journal Tasks e.g. contact management
  • Attendance Records (automatically generated)
  • Calculate holiday pay, holidays and allocation
  • Work Time Directive Information (WTD)
  • Agency worker regulations

The different locations or departments can be grouped in a similar way to employees separating initial contract, active, and temporarily unavailable amongst others.

The software enables various searches, ranging from booking reference to department name and date and thus allowing the software user to gain complete access to any detailed information they may require.


Contact Information

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