Time Sheets

Across the board time sheet functionality provides simplicity of use with anti fraud features ensuring the highest level of confidence between agency and customer.

Booking process overview

Time sheet processing starts from the original request being taken. AvaPa will automatically provide department choices for a given location, skill required for a given department, and times (default and most recently used for the department skill and shift). The selected time can be edited and together with an automatically generated unique booking reference are carried through to the time sheet verification. If the times worked are the same as those requested, then ticking the shift causes the shift pay and invoice amounts to be calculated and included in the next invoice or payroll run.

Printing time sheets

Time sheets can be printed from AvaPA either as a batch or individually from appropriate windows.

With the optional web module: time sheet information can be viewed by nurses and managers and printed. Secure web pages allow line managers to edit attendance times and verify time sheets.

Processing the appropriate time sheet.

Processing a single time sheet can be done by using the short cut keys for a shift reference key search  <  ctrl + K >  or pressing the search shift reference button and selecting time sheet view.

Time Sheet

Processing multiple shifts on a single time sheet can be easily done by using the short cut keys for a name search <  ctrl + N >  or pressing the search name button and selecting time sheet view.  The shifts displayed can be filtered across any date range and by site location (and department if required)

If a single shift is selected and then further shifts for the same nurse are then to be processed, the nurse name is automatically presented and the (new) date range selected without leaving the timesheet window with the minimum user input.

Either shifts can be ticked individually, a block of shifts ticked, or all outstanding shifts can be ticked with one action.

Alternately once the nurse is selected there are preset filters for the shifts which are worked, not on hold and not checked, or those shifts which are simply on hold.

A shift may be placed on hold because of a dispute or because some relevant information is incomplete.

New shifts can also be entered in the timesheet window in the case of self booking.

Automatic totals are displayed for ticked shifts and total shifts selected.

Uniquely AvaPA will automatically attach an image of a (signed) time sheet to the the appropriate invoice. This eliminates laborious paper clipping and minimises envelope stuffing.

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