Customer Requirement Process

An easy and efficient path between the initial customer request and final invoice and payroll production.

In today's ever changing environment, requests for nursing staff can be generated in an increasing number of ways. Efficient processing of telephone requests is just one of these. AvaPA provides not one but four configurable input windows ensuring that at all times telephone requests for staff can be processed in the quickest, most efficient, most productive, most profitable manner possible.

Telephone Requests

Depending on your exact needs, AvaPA provides two main input styles for requests. Simple and Power 


The simple mode allows quick entry customer requirements. Lists for each option are constantly shown. This allows rapid progress and if necessary immediate correction. Keying in the first few letter of any part of a location name will filter immediately to matching customers. A single click will then produce a display of customer departments, wards or client patient. When this list in large inputting one or two letters will produce an immediate filter to speed selection. Selecting a ward or department or client patient will display possible skills and specialities required for that client and shifts that may be worked.

Selecting a shift will display default and most recently used times for that skill level of employment, shift, and department (ward or client patient). One or multiple dates may be selected as may single or multiple shifts. Single or multiple manning may be chosen. A customer reference can be added at this point. Also who is requesting the shift(s) (a most recently used selection is provided to speed entry).  Ancillary information is generated automatically: such as Department codes, charge and pay rates.   Notes may be added.

At this point the selection is saved, a unique reference generated, the request is time stamped and the operator, user or consultant entering the request is added automatically.


The shift may then be immediately filled using a pop up availability diary, or is immediately available for another specified operator, user or consultant to process.


The power configuration is similar to the simple mode. In addition GP, Nursing or a wide range of other (user configurable) information is available for selection and linking with the requests. There are over sixty additional categories of information that can be linked to any given request allowing a really flexible and comprehensive match and requirement tracking.   Simply it allows an Agency to be totally on the ball when it comes to filling its Customer's needs. 

Contract / Care Plan:

A single day or shift booking can be extended to repeated requirements for a mix of staff. These are automatically generated a chosen period in advance. A start date can be specified, as can an end date or the Contract or Plan can run indefinitely. If an end date is chosen, the plan can be extended by entering a new end date etc. Details can be added to the care plan or contract as in the power configuration.


In the case where a nurse is self scheduling or self booking, input usually comes via a completed time sheet. New shifts can easily be added from the time sheet window.

Email Requests 

Increasingly requests are generated in standard formats from software such as AvaPA, bespoke in-house applications or simple spreadsheets. AvaPA can automatically decode in-line text, word and excel attachments in a wide number of formats with a special add-in module. Ava are constantly adding to and enhancing formats.



Just some of the formats supported...





Web Page Requests 

Increasingly requests are displayed on web pages. AvaPA can automatically navigate to, log in, read and navigate to select ranges of pages, and extract requests from tables within web pages. This is also known as web scraping. Ava is the first company to legally be allowed to do this by NHS Professionals. This is done with a special add in module. Ava are constantly adding to and enhancing web page formats supported.

Web Service Requests: 

Ava is committed to supporting web services for automatic exchange between customer and client systems. Web services have a number of advantages over email and web scraping. These are:

Security, the web service data can be encrypted over and above the security offered by plain text web pages. Confirmed communication, a web service can operate in both directions confirming receipt of data. Strong formatting, data can be passed with total accuracy of meaning. This allows the communicating systems to drive each other improving efficiency. Speed, a web service is inherently faster than email.

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