Time Sheets

Time sheet functionality is provided together with indispensable anti fraud features ensuring the very highest level of confidence between agency and customer.

Booking process overview

Time sheets are automatically processed the moment that a booking request is taken. These time sheets contain the times the employee is expected to work. If the employee works the times as shown on the time sheet, a box can be ticked and the payment is made automatically. However if these times vary they can be easily updated before the time sheet is processed and the staff payment made.

Printing time sheets

Time sheets can be printed either singularly or in a larger batch.

There is also an optional web module which allows time sheet information to be viewed by staff and managers and printed through the website. Managers have the ability to update and edit attendance times, or simply verify them.  

Processing the appropriate time sheet

Time sheets can be processed in several different ways; it could be that a single time sheet is processed, or multiple shifts on a time sheet for a single employee are processed. This can be done be carrying out a name search <ctrl + N> or pressing the search name button and selecting the time sheet view. The shifts that are displayed from the search can then be filtered across any date range, and across event locations.

 Time Sheet

If a single shift is selected and processed, further shifts from that same employee can be processed at later dates, very simply.

shifts can be selected to be processed individually, in a block, or by ticking all outstanding shifts, and applying.

Once the employee is selected there are preset filters in place to identify the shifts which are not worked, not on hold and not checked, or those shifts which are simply put on hold. There are several reasons as to why a shift could be placed on hold, ranging from missing information to a dispute with a client.

Where self-booking is used, new shifts can be very easily added to the time sheet window; the software will then automatically calculate the amount of shifts ticked and selected.

The software can also automatically attach an image of a (signed) time sheet to the appropriate invoice, saving both paper, time and money.



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