Contracts are also supported in this software, as well as single shift and multiple shift requests.


The software allows for both short term and long term contracts to be set up, allowing a client to hire staff for multiple shifts over any given period of time.
  • Clients can have multiple contracts in place; if they wish to hire more than one staff member on a long term basis, they can request a separate contract for each individual member of staff.
  • When selecting staffing for specific events, jobs and individual clients, skills and special requirements will be met. For example if a client requires only silver service trained staff, then the system will filter out non-applicable staff, leaving a smaller selection of staff with the appropriate skills to choose from.
  • Additional information from over sixty categories can also be linked to the contract, making them extremely flexible and customisable.

These combined features allow agencies simple practicalities and the opportunity to stay one step ahead of every client's needs.  

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