Client Requirement Process

A simple and user friendly pathway between the initial client request and the final invoice and payroll production.

Client Requirement Process

There are various ways in which a client can request agency staff. One such way, which tends to still be the most popular, due to its personal nature, is via telephone.

Telephone Requests

A client can call up and their data can be entered in one of two ways - through a Simple or Power input mode.


The simple mode is quick and easy to use and allows the operations team the ability to quickly enter the client's request while on the phone; as the process is carried out the user will be provided with more specific options. For instance if a client requests only male staff, immediately all the female staff will be discarded as possible options.

Selecting a shift will display default and most recently used options, meaning that the same employee may be supplied for a company that they have previously worked for. For example perhaps a client requests to have the same twenty staff that they hired last time, the user doesn't then have to search for them one by one, they will be automatically displayed.

There is an option to select one or multiple dates, and single or multiple shifts. The required number of employees may then be chosen for the particular shift. A customer reference, as well as the client who is requesting the shift may be added at this point, and this saves time later on. Also if the client has been used before, their information will automatically be filled in. Key information automatically generated, such as department codes, charges and pay rates.

At this point the selection is saved, a unique reference is generated, the request is time stamped and the operator entering the request is added automatically.

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The shift can then be programmed into the staff member's availability diary, and their availability is then updated.


This is in fact very similar to the simple mode but it allows further information to be linked to the request. There are over sixty additional categories of information that can be linked to any given request allowing for a truly flexible and perfectly fitted match. Put simply it allows an agency to be in total control when it comes to fulfilling its customer's requirements. 


Contracts involve the expansion of single day or shift bookings to allow the meeting of repeated requirements. These contracts are automatically generated in advance; both a start date and end date can be specified, and the end date can be edited at any given time, or the contract can run indefinitely. Notes can be added to the contracts through the power input method, if the need arises.


If a staff member is self-booking the input usually takes place through a completed time sheet. New shifts can easily be added from the time sheet window.

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