Agency worker regulations AWR calculation

In line, automatic checking and summary reports for the total accrued AWR weeks for every hirer, employee & job.

The Agency worker regulations act applies from 1st Oct 2011 inclusive. The AWR act is over 50 pages long. When all its' clauses are fully covered, any full calculation may need to cover over 3 years.  At its simplest, an Agency worker working one day a week for 12 weeks will meet the criteria of the act. They will then have the rights to pay and conditions equivalent to a full time employee. Just one of the clauses mean that between any two applicable weeks, the worker may be absent for almost six weeks. This will not stop weeks being amassed. In broad terms, twelve weeks can be collected over a time in excess of a year. Additionally, there are other clauses which mean the accrual is paused or even keeps adding without the worker being physically present.

All this is automatically sorted out by the internal AWR calculator and simply displayed in line during the booking process.

Agency worker regulations calculation in line

AWR features include

  • Derogation
  • Automatic handing of reemployed substantive workers
  • 3rd party Agency workers
  • Notification of impending parity.
  • Reports for clients
  • Corrrect legal entity allocation
  • Fully flexible job description handling

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