An all-inclusive wide range of reports to fill all needs. These are designed and updated on a monthly basis as part of the AvaPA service support contract.

The software allows reports to be easily produced in a wide range of formats and categories. Examples of categories reports can be grouped into include:

  • Daily
  • Date to Date
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
  • Invoice
  • Payroll
  • General

New reports can be easily designed with the use of the simple report designer, which is built into the software. For example if you wanted to create a report for a client showing how many secretaries you had sent them in one week, and the outgoings of hiring these employees. On top of this, current reports can be customised to meet the individual needs of each customer. These reports can then be popularised if you would like, allowing them to appear first in the search bar.

The software supports simple cut and paste formats, meaning text and additional information can be easily copied between reports and external documents. These reports can be easily run without affecting other users, and are always accessible.

Invoice and Pay Reports

There are around a hundred various invoice and pay reports and each can be individually tailored for any customer. Given the ease of reports, it is just as easy to produce a report for a client hiring a single member of staff for one day as a receptionist, to a large company hiring a whole administration team for one week.  The pre-designed templates save countless time in having to create individual invoices for every single client.

Proof of how well this system really works is in the numbers, with reduced payroll and invoice queries having being lowered to below half a percent of invoices and payslips.

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