Record Cards

These contain all the information about an employee, site location, department or customer.

Employee Information

Any type of information that is required by your company can be added to the record cards, and this is very straightforward to do. The record cards are designed with a huge amount of flexibility and therefore, have very few limitations. The record cards enable a wide range of addresses to be stored, examples include:

  • Home Address and Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email address(s)
  • Next of Kin Address
  • Reference Address(s)
  • Additional or alternate Contact Address(s)


The information required can be easily edited and updated by a supervisor to meet the needs of your company. So if you want to add skills the employee has, and any software that they are familiar with, then this can all be added. For example if you want to see whether or not an employee has the required skills to work as a receptionist.

Ava recruitment software takes into account items such as training and visa information if applicable. Other information that can be stored on the record cards includes:

  • Banking and Payroll Information
  • Appropriate Skills/Qualifications


  • Preferred Place of Work
  • Experience
  • Shift Preferences
  • CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)
  • Information


  • Travel Information
  • References

All of the information can be given start and end dates, so you could for example enter details of a training course and when it was completed and when it needs to be updated. Another example could be the date by which a reference is required.

The software can automatically generate attendance records, allowing your company to flag up inconsistent or incomplete attendance. It can also group employees into various categories, for example there could be a group of employees who are familiar with using Sage accounting software.

One remarkable feature of the software is the ability to search through both active and inactive employees and the ability to follow employees employed by another agency.

Customer Information

The software has the capability to store more than one address for each individual client, as an example the client could be a company with several offices and the addresses of each office could be stored on the system. Examples of basic information that can be stored include:

  • Main address, Phone number, Fax and Email
  • Additional Company Address(s)
  • Mobile Number and Additional Mobile Number


The software also enables the use of a company overview, which can include any information you want. Specific examples include:

  • Invoicing Structure and Calculations
  • Pay Scale Structure and Calculations
  • Skill Sets
  • Work Location Preferences
  • Shift Preferences
  • Attendance Records (automatically generated)

Groups can be created for several different areas, such as specific locations, staffing groups and departments; this allows for easy searching.

When searching it is possible to search through the use of a department reference, unique booking reference, invoice number, client or department name and date. Filtering can also be carried out where necessary. There is an article on the website specifically referring to searching and filtering, stating more detailed information on this particular feature of the Ava software.


Contact Information

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