Import and Export

Seamless integration of Invoice and Payroll data with other software and systems.

The Ava recruitment software can be linked to most types of invoicing and accounting software such as Sage. The software further has the ability to import employee data from Personnel or HR systems, allowing the imported data to be matched to current employee records. This enables automatic update between the two systems and saves a lot of wasted time. This process also flags any indefinite references to the operator.

The software also allows data to be exported into payroll systems so that wages can be very easily calculated. This saves the agency both time and money, in being able to synchronise data with a third party payroll company.

The software also enables the ability to produce detailed pay reports, along with payroll slips, which can be viewed on a daily basis if need be.

It also supports the ability to process a month's payments, even after the month is up; further allowing payroll and invoices to be carried out at the same time, giving the company several options.

The software can export the data in a number of different formats, allowing both detailed reports and invoices to be produced from the data via an external invoicing system.

The software also has a feature that allows for an image of a time sheet to be attached to an invoice, saving wasted time and money.

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