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Blog posts written on Sunday March 2018

Posted Sunday Sunday, March 25, 2018 by Administrator

If the service is free then you are the product (or your agency is) a $60 billion question.

This means trouble for your staffing agency i.e. Facebook harming staffing agencies? I think the answer is yes and I’ll tell you why.

This (you are the product) aphorism is well known in the Internet marketing world. One of the best known proponents of marketing your freely provided information is generally acknowledged as Mark Zuckerberg. Actually it does not matter: Facebook, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, one of the other services he owns or one of his competitors like WeChat, Line, Viber, KakaoTalk etc. They all are based on the principle of selling your personal or business information that you have freely given them by using their services. You have assented to this by ticking the “I agree” box.

Even assuming none of these organisations actually read the messages going back and forth, if you communicate with your employees using these free apps then each of those employees has a registered (real name and email address). This is valuable information. Just the timing and volume of the messages can give a clear indication which are business messages and which are non-business ones.

So the calls by politicians and the press that “social” media providers are more transparent with their use of “personal data” is to a degree wide of the mark. Certainly Names, addresses, emails are important (and essential for communicating with friends) but it’s just as important (and profitable for them) when and with whom you communicate. It is a close parallel another aphorism: to “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know."

It is kindergarten coding for these guys to generate a list of names and email addresses with say 95% accuracy of those people who have “opted in” to one of these services (by simply using it) and are your employees (because you are the focus of the messages).

This is not new news (its called traffic analysis) it was productively used in the second world war and is still subject to security notices from the CIA,NSA, GCHQ, SIS  etc.

No wonder Face book shares have gone from $184 to $163 in 3 days or a drop of over 10% or over 60Bn in total worth.

There was a very relevant deposition made to the House of Commons Committee this week when an exe-employee of Facebook said that Facebook’s security and ring fencing of personal data was excellent and has a very high priority. He also gave the committee the apparent impression that once Facebook possessed the data it had scant regard for the privacy of such data.

You might assume that personal data was simply available to the highest bidder.

So I want a list of Nurses names, emails and phone numbers. How do I do this? Google is a help: I used “targeted uk nurses email database”. Amongst dozens of others there was: europeanlists.com nurses email list (ironically this gived connection is not secure!)

One of their pages is reverse appending . So you can probably guess what reverse appending is.

It really is big business and it’s your business.

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