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Posted Thursday Thursday, October 11, 2018 by Administrator

HMRC are taking a number of measures to ensure they generate what they feel is the appropriate amount of tax from Self-employed and the Gig economy.

Recently it has been leaked that there is to be crack down on People they consider "synthetic self-employed"

Next year payslips will have to detail hourly rates where they apply to paid work.

It’s understood there will be a move to strengthen IR35 to ensure there is an even playing field in ~HMRC’s opinion.


There is now a paper on HMRC’s web site detailing the additional pay information needed to be detailed on payslips to meet their new legal requirements.


Payslip policy: a guide to the 2019 legislation


Payslips: guidance on legislation in force from April 2019 requiring employers to include additional information on payslips

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