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Blog posts written on Tuesday April 2017

Posted Tuesday Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by Administrator

HMRC RTI and PAYE recognition has been much more difficult to obtain this year. There are a few good reasons for this. The PAYE rules for Scotland are now different to those for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means much more than twice the number of tests to pass. Our software now accommodates PAYE for someone switching from Scotland to England, Wales and Northern Ireland or back again. Auto-enrolment Pension provision adds another twist.


If I'm not mistaken the list is a little short than it was immediately prior to this 2017 / 2018.


HMRC paid for Payroll PAYE and RTI software official web site


Our confirming email reads:

As promised action has been taken to check all the documentation supporting your request for “Recognition” for “Ava Advanced Agency Web System with RTI" and congratulations are in order as HMRC “Recognition” awarded for 2017/18.


We Googled "HMRC RTI software suppliers" and not unexpectedly quite a few paid adverts came up. Reviewing the prices, we found that our software costs were similar to or even lower than advertised pay packages. Considering our software also provides compliance checking, messaging, invoicing, and lots of useful reports, it make more than a little sense to adopt our system and save on payroll and possibly Factoring or Umbrella company costs. If you are a temp staff agency, it makes a lot of financial logic to use our system as effectively you get all your payroll needs for free.


Call us now on 01491 845 400 to discuss how much you can save on your PAYE, RTI, Auto-enrolment invoicing and other management costs.








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