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How to upload compliance documents pdf, doc, docx, rtf, jpg and png images

Friday Friday, April 28, 2017 by Administrator

How to upload documents pdf, doc, docx, rtf, jpg and png images as part of any compliance record or profile


The web based agency staffing system can store an almost limitless amount of compliance data, documents and images for your HR needs.

You can freely create new compliance checks, general data or skill types. These can be organised to meet your exact needs by dragging and dropping them to excatly where you want them.

Each check can have start dates, end dates, text entries and images or documents attached.

  • The compliance checks can be set to apply be across the board for everyone employed: e.g. right to work, proof of identity, recruitment process etc.
  • Or job specific and apply only to one or more of the types of skilled people you are providing or indeed intend to provide though your bank or agency.

The images or documents are securely uploaded and stored, They can be attached to emails you create through our custom email designer. The emails (or texts) are automatically sent during a wide range of placement situations:

  • offers,
  • confirmations,
  • cancellations,
  • booking times changing,
  • etc.

Documents can be (word) doc, docx, rtf, pdf types. Images can be png or jpg.

Its easy to set up: just tick the appropriate box. How to set this up is here:

Attaching documents and images to record card (profile) information


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HMRC RTI and PAYE recognition and listing for 2017 2018

Tuesday Tuesday, April 11, 2017 by Administrator

HMRC RTI and PAYE recognition has been much more difficult to obtain this year. There are a few good reasons for this. The PAYE rules for Scotland are now different to those for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means much more than twice the number of tests to pass. Our software now accommodates PAYE for someone switching from Scotland to England, Wales and Northern Ireland or back again. Auto-enrolment Pension provision adds another twist.


If I'm not mistaken the list is a little short than it was immediately prior to this 2017 / 2018.


HMRC paid for Payroll PAYE and RTI software official web site


Our confirming email reads:

As promised action has been taken to check all the documentation supporting your request for “Recognition” for “Ava Advanced Agency Web System with RTI" and congratulations are in order as HMRC “Recognition” awarded for 2017/18.


We Googled "HMRC RTI software suppliers" and not unexpectedly quite a few paid adverts came up. Reviewing the prices, we found that our software costs were similar to or even lower than advertised pay packages. Considering our software also provides compliance checking, messaging, invoicing, and lots of useful reports, it make more than a little sense to adopt our system and save on payroll and possibly Factoring or Umbrella company costs. If you are a temp staff agency, it makes a lot of financial logic to use our system as effectively you get all your payroll needs for free.


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Security, your bank account details and the bad guys

Monday Monday, April 10, 2017 by Administrator

Data breaches (Name, Payroll details, bank details etc) are being reported in the press almost every week. Fraudulent Bank transfers also. It’s happening so often there is certainly a degree of fatigue and a “so what can we do about it?” numbness.

We take the view that it may be our data that is distributed far and wide with a resultant negative impact on our bank account. We treat your data as if it were our own.

If someone tries to log into an account more than a few times we assume the worst: it is a bad guy trying to steal your details. We block them immediately. Even the re-set password process is blocked. Re-enabling that profile requires the user to prove to you that they are who they say they are.

The message the user gets changes when they have tried too many times but does not indicate what is wrong.


Message When Too Many Incorrect User Attempts


To suggest what is wrong is the equivalent of saying the front door is locked, but if you go round the side of the building you will find an unlocked floor level window that you can climb in.

They will be asked to contact you.


How to re-set blocked accounts.


Whe  a user contacts you, log in.

You can then go to the web user information page.


User Information Page


Use this to re-enable their account and then get them to go through the re-set password procedure.


Blocked User


It is a little more arduous than re-setting your Twitbook account, but how many times do we hear that somebody’s Twitbook account has been hacked? You have a much smaller user base than Twitbook and (hopefully) Twitbook just has nice pictures and not bank details.

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