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Pay, RTI and Invoices are all very easy with the Ava Advanced Agency Web System: they can depend on the following:


  • Time of day, start end and breaks.
  • Shifts though midnight.
  • Number of hours worked.
  • Number of hours originally scheduled (Full NHS permutations).
  • Breaks taken (Including Periods of availability PoA).
  • Minimum payments (Shortened work periods and fixed appointment payments or visits).
  • Total number of hours in week.
  • Skill involved in the job type, grade or pay band.
  • Notice period for working (short notice of vacancy).
  • Customer worked at (differing rates for one or more customers grouped across customers for easy entry).
  • Department (Ward, depot, location) worked at.
  • London weighting.
  • National (Bank) holidays.
  • User defined special days.
  • Personal employee rates.
  • Employee self-invoicing (Limited companies).
  • Totally free ad hock rates for any shift.
  • HMRC codes (tax point or code).
  • VAT ratings.
  • AWR compliance.
  • From and to date ranges (e.g. rates changing on an annual basis).
  • Manadatory Pension contributions (auto enrolment).
  • Exceptions.

There are automatically configured reports that show the pay and invoice rates for the conditions set. Here is an example (click on the image to show an expanded example):


Rate Card Example

These can be exported and form the basis to Terms and conditions. Amounts can be sent to Banks for bulk payments, HMRC for RTI, 3rd party accounting packages, umbrella companies, factoring companies and pension funds as required. So if you feel you are being overcharged for any of these services Ava Advanced Agency Web System is an excellent way of reducing these costs and will pay for its self in hours, dramatically improving your bottom line as well as improving productivity.

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