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New ground breaking, low cost, comprehensive, cloud hosted, end to end temping staff scheduling.

Speed things up, save considerable bookkeeping costs, keep in better touch with workers and customers.

  • With a few clicks or key presses: workers can be tightly matched to multiple shifts on any dates and times for any customer. It makes fully automatic and very quick background compliance checks including who will work where. Custom messages are automatically emailed from customisable templates.
  • Employees emailed, texted and sent job info and calendar entries to their smart phones with apps. All automated and quicker than you’ve read this!
  • A simple timesheet system allows shifts to be signed off, then invoices and payroll calculated, RTI sent to HMRC, Pensions calculated, bank transfer files generated, PDF Invoices and Payslips sent to: customers, PAYE employees and limited company contractors.

All done for a similar cost (or in some cases significantly less) to what you might pay umbrella or payroll companies for just part of this. Our software fully meets HMRC requirements. You can be sure that you have completely met all your legal taxation requirements.

As the Aussies would say: “No worries!”

Transform your bottom line: call 01491-845-400 now.



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