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How to recover a password.

Password recovery is a sensitive subject especially with a substantial and severe increases in the fines for security breaches potentially incurred under the (new) 2018 data protection legislation known as GDPR.

The Ava service resides on the side of caution in these matters.

If a user tries an incorrect password more than five times with a valid user name, their account is disabled. Simply this is considered an unauthorised attempt to gain access.

A user who has attempted to login more than 5 times needs to be re-enabled: they will have received a changed message:

How To Recover A Password

The administrator is the company or organisation that is providing your work.

They will call you back.

They will establish your identity, unblock your account and allow you to re-set your password.

Please understand that if you attempt to reset your password multiple times, then only the last email for re-setting your password is the one that works.

Optionally your administrator may ask you to go through the re-set password process and then (without you trying to log in) re-set your password for you to a password which as a consequence you both know. The administrator cannot know your password unless you agree to this process.

How to unlock a user:

Check for and re-set a blocked account

How to find a username:

Simply go to the “configure users” page and search for the user by first or last name

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