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Much of effort at Ava has gone into reliability and performance.  Over eight years the down time of our product on a customer by customer basis has been significantly less than 5 minutes per year.


When we decided to migrate our product from windows to the cloud, one of the advantages to our customers was a wide range of hosting options to suit pockets and business needs. We made the decision to do this properly: database cloud hosted, access via reponsive web pages, mobile apps using web services. Our customers would not need expensive on site servers, infrastructure and the maintenance contracts that go with them. These are now all done by the ultimate experts with true economies of scale: Microsoft or Microsoft Gold Partners.


To achieve reliability in a modern environment we are hosted (and maintained 24/7) at either Microsoft or Microsoft Gold partners and this means we can now offer the ultimate 100% in system availability with automatic instant fail over to a standby server hosted at a completely different UK site or simply extremely good availability and resilience at a market beating price. Because our system is hosted in the cloud, the costs and headaches of maintaining expensive and ultimately unreliable servers on your site is completely eliminated.


Over the years of supply to a wide range of Agencies and the NHS, our pedigree of product uptime has not been surpassed. We know how disruptive and expensive system wide failures of the core software running your temp staffing agency can be. In a worst case scenario companies experiencing such trauma have suffered severe or even terminal consequences to their trading.


The choice is yours. With state of the art web hosting your data can be both ultimately secure, fully compliant with all Information Commissioners Office regulations (the UK Government data watchdog) and have such features as doing your HRMC RTI returns with a couple of clicks. We have also improved the speed with which we can import your data to get you up and running quickly.


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