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Blog posts written on Thursday January 2017

Posted Thursday Thursday, January 26, 2017 by Administrator

According to the Oracle aka Google these days the average recruitment consultant earns around £22,000 to £28,000 per year. So in real terms, by the time the office has been rented, heated and lit, HMRC paid etc. a consultant costs around £36,000 per year and with 37 hour weeks and four weeks holiday that means each hour of their time costs around £20.


In very round terms every minute costs 30p. Ava advanced agency web system performs many of the time consuming messaging processes of notifying Customers and Employees (the temp staff themselves) about opportunities or vacancies bookings and lets them check their shifts directly by signing in online. The average length of a business phone call is apparently (according once again to Google) between one and a half and 3 minutes. That seems short to me,  but maybe this doesn’t count the wasted times where you didn’t get through! Let’s say you consultant makes 50 calls a day. Our messaging should eliminate half of these so saving about over an hour a day or £20. The same applies to composing emails so possibly another saving £20. An Ava licence costs less than £2 per day.


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