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Blog posts written on Wednesday January 2017

Posted Wednesday Wednesday, January 25, 2017 by Administrator

For both Staff Banks and Temp Agencies our software offers an unbeatable range of options to give small temporary staffing agencies facilities that would otherwise cost tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop for themselves and Large agencies including those with neutral vendor status a modern resilient web presence.


A temporary employment agency web site can be a simple and as inexpensive as a Facebook page. A Facebook page has the advantages of being completely free and the page is also secure. Of course it may contain advertising and that may be for your greatest competitor! That is clearly a disadvantage.

Small agencies Simple web site links

Keeping cost down is a major drive for start-ups. Temp vacancy agency web site can be simple and as inexpensive as a free Facebook page. A Facebook page is also secure (it has that padlock thingy and it URL starts https). Of course it also may contain advertising and unfortunately that may be for your greatest competitor! Still a Facebook page, our software, a free email account and an inexpensive tablet such as a Samsung E connected to broadband and a mobile phone would allow you to do most if not all the admin your shiny new agencies need for a few hundred pounds.

You may have your own web site in which case it may be insecure; if it you should spend the few pounds it takes to make it secure as this is now the standard). As with the Facebook option all you need to do is add a link or links to your Ava booking system (which we will call a portal to distinguish it from your web site).


Here is a diagram to show how it works:


Simple Links Between Portal And Web Sites


Simple web site links (secure web site)
If your web site is secure (has a certificate and it is https) then the Ava advanced agency web system can easily be configured to allow links from it back to your site and at a small additional costs: have logos and colours which will make it look like part of your site, we can even make it a URL which your company owns as part of your company.


So with a secure site the links can work both ways:


Simple Links Between Portal And Web Sites Secure

Large Agency group with multiple Agencies and multiple sales regions

Can Ava (Aaaws) work for us? The answer here is a resounding yes and they are user configurable so easily changed over time and there are a sophisticated range of staff allocation features which help this work effectively.
We have groups of different Agencies can this be accommodated? Once again yes (click on the graphic to see a larger version).


The Ava pedigree wins out for you. Click on the picture to see a larger version.
Links Between Portal And Web Sites 
If this interests you, please give us a call on 01491 845 400 so we can learn more about you needs and see how we can help you become more efficient and profitable.




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