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Blog posts written on Monday July 2016

Posted Monday Monday, July 4, 2016 by Administrator

Added value applications Ltd is committed to reducing temporary staffing agency running cost to a minimum. We are also dedicated to maximising productivity across all aspects of running a temp Agency.


So we are very proud to announce that we have become an recognised supplier for HMRC RTI submissions. Passing of all HMRC RTI tests is a mandatory requirement by HMRC to merit this recogition.


A review of the suppliers on this list and their payroll and staff management packages will uncover a wide range of price structures. Whilst not a free product we have placed our product at the leading edge when it comes economy of usage and low cost of ownership.




What is more, we won’t be increasing the cost of our software to existing customers for this and other new features. Find out more: call us on 01491 845 400


HMRC RTI Software suppliers list


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