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Blog posts written on Wednesday June 2016

Posted Wednesday Wednesday, June 8, 2016 by Administrator

Some years ago we were investigating which remote support tool to adopt for our customers.

I must admit we were jaundiced to start over this product as we had previously had one of those scam phone calls (which we recorded) where we were asked to download remote access software to fix our computer performance problems as there were apparently “red lights” on the Microsoft monitoring equipment. The software (to be) used was a previous incarnation of Teamviewer.

We contacted them to advise their software was being used in this scam.

We got no response.  

We got a couple more scam calls and as with the first one we kept them on line as long as possible stringing them out on the principle that the particular scammer was not calling some unfortunate less knowledgeable person if they occupied by being on the phone to us. The scammers got quite irate when we “apparently” could not understand their instructions or “accidentally” did not do what they asked. Ah happy days!

A second reason for not choosing TeamViewer is that it left parts of itself on our machine even when we tried to uninstall the trail.

We use a product call ISL online. It wasn’t as pretty as Teamviewer and it hasn’t been entirely issue free. The issues have been occasional and importantly to us and our customers, none of those issues to date concern security.

So you can be as confident as possible that that you are not exposing yourself unnecessarily when we demo our software and when you close the session, the remote support software is removed as completely as possible.


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