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Blog posts written on Friday June 2016

Posted Friday Friday, June 24, 2016 by Administrator

Brexit - what does it mean for the Temp staffing industry?


Short term not a lot! In a year or two then there are certain to be effects dependant on how immigration policy is formulated.


It will be a bit more complicated for the Scots: with their love of referenda, my Scottish blood tells me they will probably have a referendum to decide if they should have more referendums and then one to consider if they should re-join the EU.


Whist most large company shares dropped quite significantly, especially Banks, Rolls Royce was unchanged. This points to a degree of realism, large companies that export and large foreign EU companies that import to the UK will push hard for the trading process to be largely unchanged. VAT however will have to change hands for these, and the likes of Microsoft, Starbucks and friends will with any luck not be able to transfer funds around the EU without paying tax on their profits from the UK tax payer. Win!


At the top end of the Housing market, things are unlikely to change or maybe get pricier. The super-rich always have ways around these things. At the bottom end in the affordable housing market things are likely to ease (relatively) as the migrant pressures hopefully ease.


How will it differ across Healthcare workers, Construction, Events etc.?


When the mooted points system comes into force, IT and Healthcare workers are likely to score well. Builders and Events staff not so much. However, there will be increased barriers and unit costs and margins are likely to come under pressure. So it will be even more important to keep avoidable overheads under control. Specifically those associate with book keeping and accountancy. Modern web temporary staffing software can all but eliminate admin, book keeping and banking costs. Our software is at the fore front, offering probably the easiest to configure and most flexible payment and invoicing system, HMRC approval and standard file formats for one click uploading to Banks or in the case of RTI and other standard HMRC payments direct one click submission to their services.


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