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Blog posts written on Monday May 2016

Posted Monday Monday, May 23, 2016 by Administrator

Added value advanced agency web system is licenced on a concurrent user basis. That means if you have 4 back office users but only two of them are logged in at one time, you only need 2 licences.

So what are the advantages?

  • This normally works out significantly cheaper that other licencing models (for example needing a licence for every user).
  • Fairer: You only pay for what you are using.
  • More accurate: You can keep an exact track of who has done what without incurring additional costs.
  • Simply better security: If a user leaves and is replaced by another, then you cancel the previous leaver and add the new user: no extra cost and access by the leaver is blocked as soon as you cancel their access.

If you have an extremely distributed management model, then pleas e contact us to discuss a per transaction licencing agreement.

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