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Blog posts written on Thursday April 2016

Posted Thursday Thursday, April 7, 2016 by Administrator

You're in the Employment Agency business and that means you store personal data.
Previously in this blog we reported on the average cost of data breaches: it was around £20 per personal item breached. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service received a fine of £200, 000 for a breach a few years ago. It meant that 10,000 of their customers did not have the correct protection when indulging in the relevant activities.

Well the GDPR fines are going to get a bit more serious. The maximum fine is now going to be £20 million Euros: enough to bring tears to even the most affluent Director.

This is the headline for the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is being referred to. So when you see an article about GDPR, this is what it is about.

The following links may (or may not!) help as typically the advice is very general. However it has to be said that Data protection is in our view an attitude of mind and starts with the ground floor approach.

You may notice that the entire Ava web site is secure.
We use the latest recommended https security standard.
Passwords are at least eight letters and there needs to be a punctuation mark included.
Our servers are "locked down" according to best practice.
We use a top rated ISP for our servers.

Some useful links where you can read more:
Preparing for the GDPR: 12 steps.pdf

ico.org.uk: for organisations: improve your practices: a data protection self assessment toolkit

wikipedia General Data Protection Regulation

Previous blog on The British Pregnancy Advisory Service fine of £200, 000




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