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Blog posts written on Thursday November 2016

Posted Thursday Thursday, November 3, 2016 by Administrator

Changing to Ava Advanced Web System with RTI from other systems.


There are a number of reasons for considering changing to your temp or temporary staff allocation or scheduling system to Ava Advanced Web System with RTI.

  • You currently have multiple packages (payroll, invoice, scheduling, compliance, messaging, CRM, candidate applications, accounting etc.) and they don’t talk well to each other or it is costly in terms of time to get them to talk to each other or keep them talking to each other. Time is Money.
  • Your system has evolved from a sensible simple spreadsheet and it is not easy or growing in difficulty to have increasing numbers of users on one Excel spread sheet. This can often result in double bookings to the annoyance of both workers and customers and of course loss of profit.
  • The support for your existing system is poor.
  • Your existing staff scheduling system’s developers have informed you that your existing system requires an expensive upgrade.
  • Your existing system does not support HMRC’s “Making Tax Digital” or other modern messaging features and there is no upgrade path available.
  • Your existing system is less than reliable.
  • Your staff scheduling software developers no longer exist or declined to develop the system further.
  • Your existing staff planning software is on a server in your office and the server needs replacing.
  • Your existing booking system is on a server in your office and does not offer the modern flexibility of the web.
  • A bit sensitive this one: you have spent a significant amount of money developing a custom system and it isn’t performing as promised or the cost of keeping up with changing needs is becoming prohibitive or is already prohibitive.

    Let us examine the last in more detail. You have developed a system, it was delivered on time, it has no bugs and it does everything you want. So it has mobile devices for communication to your employees which means iPhone, Android and possibly Windows phone and it talks to HMRC and does all your returns. Every year Apple releases a new iPhone, each year they improve it. Each year they update the software that runs the phones (Android are no different). Unfortunately your app may not run on the new iOS. Apple are not alone, you want the system to do your HRMC returns. Well we all know the budget changes the rules on an annual basis. What is less well known is that as developers, we get “updates” from HMRC on a more or less weekly basis. So when you budget for developing your perfect system, be aware that you are aiming at a moving target. You certainly need to budget for continued development and support on a regular basis. At this point you feel hard done by. The system was perfect, on time, in budget but was only perfect for a year and is becoming more and more costly in terms of continued development or features that are no longer usable.

Ava Advanced Web Systems cost a few pounds a day per user and should support each user achieving may be 25-30 bookings per day or may be more. Even with 50 users, the development costs of a bespoke system far outweigh Ava licencing costs. Bespoke developers may be good but in general they don’t have a deep understanding of your business.

There is one problem that may make your upgrade path difficult. Screen layouts are different in different software or spreadsheet packages.

The good news is that Ava Advanced Web System has uniquely configurable employee and customer displays able to mirror your current system and so making your consultant training transition far less painful that it might otherwise be. We can also import your customer and employee data: even historical shift data.

There is more good news: our pay and invoice module has unparalleled ease for setting up complex pay and invoice rules allowing you to improve your margins and get business that requires otherwise “difficult” contractual flexibility. On the other hand if your rules are simple a couple of clicks allow you to apply those rules to any group of customers.

We even do bespoke development at below the market rates.


We are happy to discuss your needs however simple or complex, just give us a call on 01491 845 400 or send us a message with your contact details and an outline of your needs to start the ball rolling.




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