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Blog posts written on Friday October 2016

Posted Friday Friday, October 21, 2016 by Administrator

Starting and running a temp staff recruitment agency or any other company for that matter!


Life is much easier these days and that can dramatically reduce your costs. There is only about twice as much paper work as a few years ago. Importanty this is at least four times easier to complete and many times less expensive.... We have Tim Berners-Lee and his interweb (love the name) to thank (again)! Where would we be without him? The 20th Century is probably the answer. The good news is that the paperwork is all there for you to download and read entirely for free and complete with only nominal costs.

To save yourself several hundred pounds all you need is an hour or two an evening for a reasonable number days. This should see you being able to start and, or stay well legal and know much more than your potential competitors down the road. Some of this took me years to get to know. The main reason for this was I had an accountant who was supposed to be a friend: as a friend this meant I would happily give him IT advice for free and save him hundreds of pounds (may be more) and he would charge me his standard rates for his services and keep this (the following) knowledge to himself.


There are some legal requirements that companies need to undertake:


Not least when you start to “incorporate” or set up your company and you need choose a name. Choosing a name is often quite challenging: it should not be similar to a major competitor. There are the legal reasons given in the documents below and there are the search engine reasons (how people find your web site). They both pull in the same direction. Google will allways suggest more popular results and if your name is too similar then searches for your comapny will be swamped. The link to the guidance document from Companies House is at the bottom of the page.

The government also wants to know if you are (possibly or likely to be) involved in money laundering activities so from a few months ago the law changed. So you should also know about ensuring that the movers and shakers register as part of your company. People with significant control or PSC to give them their official acronym need to be listed. The links to the documents from Companies House follow.


Useful links: the whys and wherefores of Registering individuals and company details.


Check the availabilty of a company name for free at the governement Companies House web site

Check Domain name availability for free and register it in seconds for a few pounds a year



Companies house guidance for limited companies, partnerships and other company types

Incorporation and Names guidance July 2016 pdf

Incorporation and names web page

Confirmation statement

Guidance: Life of a company pdf

Life of a company: annual-requirements web page

Late Filing Penalties pdf

Sir Tim_Berners-Lee: Inventor of the internet





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