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Blog posts written on Monday October 2016

Posted Monday Monday, October 3, 2016 by Administrator

How do I attach customer documents to employee confirmation emails?


One of the major ways the Ava temp staffing agency web system can save very significant amounts of time for your consultants is to send entirely automatic emails, smart apps and text messages on the consultants behalf to both employee temp workers and customers. This is done entirely in the background as part of the standard employee allocation process.


This will substantially improve productivity and eliminate otherwise unprofitable and needlessly repetitive tasks.


You can attach documents to the confirmation emails sent to employees and to customers.

This is the same as attaching identity or training documents concerning employee to the fully automatic booking confirmation sent to the customer.


There are four simple steps


If it does not already exist: Create the information info items in the Customer, company or department section in the drag and drop info designer.


If it is not already visible, add this heading or item to an existing or new tab on the Customer, company or department drag and drop record card layout designer.


Upload the appropriate documents or their images in the appropriate Customer or department record cards.


Add the entry as an attachment on the email content designer.





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