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Blog posts written on Monday October 2016

Posted Monday Monday, October 10, 2016 by Administrator

Does your computer seem slow (especially on the internet)? Are you connected to the internet using Wi-Fi? The following (non tech stuff) may help you improve your interweb (love that description) experience dramatically.

It's really easy, all about traffic and sitting in a queue.

So a brief word of explanation, no tech stuff.

When you get your brand new Wi-Fi router it will have the “factory default” settings. In other words all routers as supplied new have the same password and other (traffic) settings. This may cause a problems.

Wi-Fi just like your radio has channels: Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, Local radio, Independent local radio etc. Imagine what would happen if all the channels were squeezed into one? It’s the same as a motorway road with four or five lanes but all the vehicles using just one of the lanes. If you are there too, you would be stuck in a queue: horrendous traffic. Just move to a free lane and suddenly your journey is transformed.

Moving to another lane: The same happens with your Wi-Fi, they are all supplied by the manufacturer on the same channel just like a lane in our analogy. You can move to a better channel (lane).

But just like traffic: better look first! “Well I don’t know how to” is probably your response! You can do this almost as simply as turning the wheel in your car to change motorway lanes. Just go to get your android phone and go to Google Play store and type in Wi-Fi Analyser (it’s a free app). Once you download it and run it then you get a display of your local traffic.


 wifi car queue


So what does this display mean? Well it’s a display of traffic against lanes (channels). Probably there are a couple of channels that are a lot clearer than the one you are on.

So what do you do now? Note a clear channel or the ones with the smallest amount of traffic, then phone your broadband supplier and ask them how you move Wi-Fi channels on your router (it only takes a couple of clicks with their help). Now we all know that kids understand these things so a good time to double check what the rush hour is like is when they are home from school: there may be some new traffic at that time of day…so check your channel is still free in early evening rush hours as well.


Oh and while you are at it.. change your default password please!


Happy (and faster) browsing.

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