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Blog posts written on Friday July 2015

Posted Friday Friday, July 10, 2015 by Administrator

Ava advanced agency web system for scheduling temporary workers has been able to send automated email and text notifications for quite a few years as a legacy from our original windows application.

There is now a full featured “What you see is what you get” drag and drop email message designer for any one or all of the 20 plus fully automated emails that our system will optionally send in throughout the booking and billing process.

Emails can be free flowing text containing “fields” of booking related information or have tables with booking information or both.

These automatic notifications can include attachments of documents, pdfs and image scans from employee data. E.g. Identity photos and certificate scans.

Automated emails may contain (mail merge) any of the 50 or more items of information about the customer, individual booking, employee details and certification.

The designer allows you to copy or blind copy any sent emails to any email addresses of your choosing in addition to specific email addresses for each customer and customer site.

The designer also allows you to drag and drop images of company logos or signatures. This means that your automated emails to your customers can be completely professional in appearance and customised to your exact need to a level limited only by your imagination.


Happy time saving automation!



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