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Let us save you £450…

Thursday Thursday, June 11, 2015 by Administrator

There a quite a few organisations around that will try to charge you (or charge well over the odds) for services that are free or of minimal cost from the Goverment direct: passports, birth certificates etc. Here is one to beware of from the buisness to buisness sector and its not an entry in an "international" "directory".

So let us give you the heads up and save you £450 and a day of your time.

We have all heard of the BFI (British Film Institute) but there is another BFI... Business Forums International (Warning this is an uncertified insecure web site)

Curiously there is also a Business Forums International ™ which is nothing to do with 

I am always suspicious of companies with “International” in the name. In my opinion Business Forums International (UK) seem to be some sort of scamming organisation. Apart from having an insecure site( this is never a good sign) and asking for your email address and no doubt other information they also offer £450 workshops on

* How to verify a non-UK candidate’s immigration status
* Checking and verifying identity documentation from outside the UK
* Policy and procedure to ensure your organisation is working within the law
* Essential legal considerations update and best practice
* Understanding what to look for when checking non-UK documents and qualifications to avoid fraudulent applications
* Discover how an enforcement visit works and what to do if your company has one
* Ensuring all your current employees are working legally
* Compliance with Home Office/UKVI and PBS guidelines

These offers come in the form of spam to a non-existent email address.

Well there is a really good free work flow document on the Gov web site which you have already paid for (with your taxes).
We use this (and freely incorporate it) as the basis for the Right to Work compliance section in our product and when completed ensures you have recorded all necessary documents to comply with UK legislation.
Interesting in a direct comparison with our Advanced Agency Web Staffing System £450 would represent in the region of a year’s licence for our staff management software and the Right to Work compliance aspect is less than a tenth of the total product.



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