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Blog posts written on Tuesday April 2015

Posted Tuesday Tuesday, April 7, 2015 by Administrator

Concerned about how good your web site is?

In the past year Goole has made two significant changes concerning where your web site appears when people search for it. This is also known as ranking. Both these changes reflect how browsing habits are changing.  Simply, how people are using the web is changing.

The most recent one is: does your web site work on a mobile device? This is simply known as being responsive.  You can check this on a special “developers” page provided by Google, but anyone can use it:

All webs sites we supply for our customers are mobile friendly and pass this test.

Our results are at the bottom of this page.

The second change is a continuing one. Google are progressively giving secure sites higher ranking or better visibility. How do we know if a site is secure? Simply instead of the address starting http: it is https: A padlock appears in the address bar of your browser and the address bar may turn green. It says two important things. One your site is who it says it is in the address bar and this has been checked by a reputable organisation. Two the messages between you and the web site cannot be eavesdropped or interfered with by bad people on the net, just like when you browse your Bank’s web site. It is now a legal requirement in the UK and EU for any site that passes any personal information to be secure. The Ava supplied web portals or customer web sites are all fully secure.

To see the results for Ava:

Google.co.uk webmasters tools mobile-friendly ava.co.uk

Or for an un-stylised version of our customer web sites:

Google.co.uk webmasters tools mobile-friendly transport.ava.co.uk

To see your site, just put in the URL for your site instead.


This may also interest you: steps taken to ensure that the padlock in the address bar really means something

Securityweek Google revoke trust cnnic certificates
Google online security.blogspot maintaining digital certificate security

Mobile _Friendly _Test




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